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If you own a “Lion Kart” chassis, you can order new stickers that will beautify your karts. There are several types of stickers in the offer, which will help you to stay in recognizable “Lion Kart” colors, but that your kart on the track differs from the rest.
Shafts – If needed, our offer includes the fi30 and fi50 shafts, depending for which chassis you need.
Spoilers – Spoilers are part of the karts that most often spare. In our offer you can find complete spoilers for all our chassis, with or without a sticker.
Wheels – In our offer we have wheels for all chassis we have in offer. If you need a new wheel set, look for the same one in our store.
Steering parts and transmission – You can find the parts of the steering gear as well as the gearbox and accompanying parts in our offer. All parts are available individually.
Gears – One tooth on the gears can judge the winner of the race. In our offer you can find gears of all sizes.
Pedals – You can buy recognizable Lion Kart gas and brake pedals in our shop. The pedals we sell can also be mounted on chassis by other manufacturers.
Braking systems – If you need new parts of the braking system, in our offer you can find high quality parts, in gold color, with the recognizable logo “Lion Kart”.