About Us

Who we are

Company „Lion Kart“ is established at 2017.  at Subotica and represent first manufacturer of racing chassis and parts in this part of Europe. Although very young, “Lion Kart” operate within „Lion Group“ which is engaged in metallurgy and welding for more than 20 years.

„Lion Kart“ was founded by enthusiasts who have perennial experience on karting paths, both in the country and throughout Europe. This fact guarantees that our material is constantly enhanced based on the experience of our drivers.

The recognizable red and gold colors, with the quality and performance that you can feel on the go-kart track, clearly indicate that it is a “Lion Kart” kartings.

If you are interested in finding the Lion logo on your karting, you can contact us in order to get you to the nearest dealer of our parts, which is distributed throughout Europe.

Lion Kart Racing Team drivers, as well as the director of Lion Kart, Luka Vojnić Purčar, are at your disposal for all types of contact and interviews.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, you can contact us via our e-mail pr@lion-kart.com

If you want to publish our team’s story, here you can find photos, videos, and interviews with our drivers who are free from all rights and can be posted on your site.